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About us

Tecno Ambiente Corp. is a Shenzhen based lighting company who is recognized as an engineering and supply chain managing service provider in the consumer lighting field. The company specializes in supply chain management of extensive range, high volume and time-sentitive lighting products for leading distributor and brands.

Tecno Ambiente provides one-stop-shop solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. From product design, engineering and production management to quality control and shipping, the company is committed to take care the whole supply chain so that our customers can focus more on the market.

The company is set with the highest operational standards, conducting the business with an emphasis on transparency and accountability. Over the years, Tecno Ambiente has been awarded by the customers with trust and increasing business on an extensive product range.

Our business


As an engineering and supply chain managing company, Tecno Ambiente is committed to achieving the highest standards of service and meeting the needs of international businesses through competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery.


Through its efficient sourcing and production network, market knowledge and ahead-looking technology, Tecno Ambiente has the capacity and flexibility to respond rapidly to meet consumer trend on the market.


The Company’s service covers two distinct yet interconnected parts:



Putting the finished products on the table while meeting the customer in person, and wait for the final selection list from the customer had been the old fashion of doing business and it is not able to cope with the competition nowadays, especially in the consumer LED lighting industry, as the time is too expensive to waste.

Tecno Ambiente extend the service chain to the very beginning of the customers’ thought of the new product range, come up with complete technical proposal of each individual product and then eventually form product lines that is exclusively tailored and preserved. With the full engineering and testing facility in the house, an idea of customer’s need is coming to life by the measure of days and upon the confirmation from the customer on the parameters and other details, the finished product is being manufactured within a month.



Supply Chain Managing


The map of LED lighting industry is changing much faster than ever, with the progression of luminous efficiency on the LED chip, a new product can be out-of-date in the market in two month.

Tecno Ambiente sets its goal to crack down the barrel of time consuming product development and communication insufficiency that make a real difference between the customers expectation and the market feedback.

With the sophisticated sourcing and production network, the Company can launch the production in the manufacturing site with all the production process carefully designed and carried out to make sure the highest production efficiency and quality standards are secured.

Tecno Ambiente operates an extensive logistics network, which offers a comprehensive menu of logistics solutions to satisfy every specific needs from the customers.


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